Business Analysis & Consulting

Progorithms follows a strong philosophy of serving the Customer First and serving it Right.

Progorithms follows the One Delivery Model (ODM) given below for any kind of software development with respect to outsourcing or offshoring type of work, in the waterfall or agile models.

progorithms software development process

It's an internal practice guide used for induction of our people to be empathic and reasonable while dealing with customer interaction. We always considers an important factor while designing or offering business solutions - is acceptability of thoughts & views. We believe that all customers have a particular state and platform in which they operate. We try to understand customer thoughts and place them into one of our stages of change, which helps tune our consulting service and react accordingly during business analysis.

With 'readiness of change', each stage requires different cognition, skills and strategies to develop ourselves and assist customers in moving to the next level. Leveraging the analytics in this manner may further help customers take cost-effective decisions and improved adherence to evidence-based guidelines.

Customer First policy is in our Consulting and Delivery DNA and hence we practice to serve them with right value keeping the stages of change in mind.