What is the meaning of Progorithms?

The word is 'Progorithms' - a simple technological philosphy. Progorithms is a portmanteau derived using two words - 'programming' and 'algorithms'.

Word 'Programming' became popular after the computers started ruling the world. Technically, it is a sequence of instructions to enable the computer to do something. In English,it stands for 'setting and order and time for planned events'.

Word 'Alogrithm' means precise rule for solving some problem. The word itself is formed after an Iranian mathematician 'Al-Khawarizmi'. Composition of these words has created 'Progorithms', which means paying attention to details in completing sequence of activities required to perform, accomplish & exceed in doing any particular task or objective.

How is Progorithms different from other solution providers?

Value Based Company

Progorithms is different and better from other solution providers because of the following reasons:

  • Skills & Capabilities - we have the strong business, technical and interpersonal skills required in different areas of business. Our team can very well operate in your business domain and acquire the knowledge specifics, without creating any kind of producer or consumer gaps.
  • Harvesting Knowledge - we believe in setting up a strong and dedicated knowledge base for every Customer we work with. In the process, we learn and harvest the knowledge and best practices from every Customer. This keeps us on continuous improvement track and the same non-confidential improvements we propose and share with other Customers.
  • Talented Team - we have a strong pool of software engineers, who expertise in their areas under guidance of our leadership team. Our approach right from beginning is to leverage technology skills smartly for application development & maintenance. We believe that a company can grow mainly with the help of growing team members. We have a strong leadership team that pratices quality analysis and project management in their everyday life.
  • Lowest Cost - we believe that cost is the last factor but a definite one, which can bring great and efficient results at the lowest guranteed price. As we are an emerging company so we wanted to market and sell our talents based on which you can realize that the outcome is worth much higher than the price you paid.

What is Progorithms all about?

People, Passion and Progress Driven Company

Progorithms is a knowledge-based company providing - solution design, product development, custom application development and business planning services.

Product & Application development covers using web or client-server technology, system architecture and design.

Business planning services covers technological solutions, knowledge base setup, partnership, resource management, procurement and implementation.

What technological areas Progorithms can work on & support?

Technology Focussed Company

We implement business solutions using combination of different technological tools like:

  • Microsoft (VB, ASP, COM/DCOM, XML)
  • .Net (ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#, ADO.Net)
  • J2EE (JSP, Servlet, Handler, Struts, XML)
  • Database (SQL Server, Oracle, Access)
  • Salesforce.com
  • SiteScope
  • LoadRunner and WinRunner

What's the overall software experience of Progorithms?

Professional Practice Driven Company

Progorithms serves wide range of industries like Education, Software, Technology, HealthCare, Insurance and Retail and has over 30000 hours of software experience with different customers.

How does Progorithms ensure quality?

Adapted Industry Standards & Measures

All activities at Progorithms are governed by our underlying quality mission: 'Rendering professional quality in every product or service we develop and deliver.'

This is achieved with the help of periodic quality assurance and quality control measures on our solutions. This helps us keep our quality goals aligned with our clients.

Our quality measures are compiled from the knowledge of our professionals who continually practices quality analysis and audit in the project we deliver.

What has been the growth of Progorithms?

Inclined Growth Practice

Progorithms has consistently managed to serve customers right in different technological areas and also managed to deliver them the robust solution.

We aim to grow and setup a continuous sales & delivery base in different countries like India, USA, UK and Canada.

What are the expansion plans of Progorithms?

The One Delivery Model Company

Progorithms is also looking to expand its wings with state-of-the-art facility right in the heart of different countries across USA, UK, India and Canada which will help us develop operate as one global company with common goals and mission to serve our clients locally in different parts of the world.

How are the operations managed on low cost at Progorithms?

Conservative yet research driven company

Progorithms wants to work with you and needs your business so that we both can benefit.

Progorithms is an emerging company so we primarily focus on exhibiting and selling our talents instead of elevating the indirect cost & expenses, to rise as a fully-grown professional solution provider company.

The main reason for lower cost of service is our shared services and factory model with dedicated & limited pool of required number of people & resources managing and executing your project, which helps curb any indirect costs and becomes competitive.

We believe in adequate resources, staffing and engaging right people at the right time to serve the effective delivery purpose and win over the overhead cost.